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Peter Hurwitz, President of Clarity Science, provides a company overview and shares Clarity’s recent study outcomes.

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Areas of Research

We are currently conducting and developing clinical studies throughout the US in the following key areas:

Chronic Sinusitis
Depression/Mental Health
Mental Health
Pain Management
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Scar & Burn
Women’s Health
Xerostomia (Dry Mouth)

Current Studies

Scar & Burn


(_Topic_Al Silicone in _Restorin_G Scars and Burn Tissue - _Evaluating _Therapy)

TARGET is a current, large-scale IRB-approved observational study on the effectiveness of topical/transdermal treatments for scar/burn characteristics, symptoms, and patient perceptions. It further evaluates the reduction of pain during the course of treatment.

Key Interim Results

69% of patients noticed reduction in scar size, results confirmed by clinician measurements, which showed a statistically significant reduction in the percentage of patients with largest (>20cm) scars from baseline (p<.003)

Over an average 128 days of scar/burn cream treatment use, patients reduced their usage of pain medications by 69% (p<.001)

Patients also reported reductions in itching (p<.001) and scar/burn interference with general activity, mood, sleep, life enjoyment, and an improvement in emotional well-being with the use of the treatment compound (p<.05)

Patients reported no serious adverse events and that the creams were safe and well-tolerated.



(_Transdermal _Relief: _Evaluating _Allergy _Topicals for Perennial Allergic Rhinitis)

TREAT is an IRB-approved observational study to evaluate patients’ experiences and/or perceptions of prescribed transdermal allergy medications to treat seasonal and perennial allergy symptoms.



(_Observing _Pain _Transdermal Treatments—_Improving and _Managing _All _GI Symptoms)

Clarity Science is conducting an IRB-approved observational study aimed at evaluating patients’ experiences and/or perceptions for those who have been prescribed a topical/transdermal pain medication. Pain and other symptoms will be evaluated by patient answers to validated assessment scales.

Acute & Chronic Pain


(_Treating _Athletes in _Pain: _Evaluating _Return to _Play)

Clarity Science is conducting an IRB- approved observational study aimed at evaluating efficacy and perceptions among non-elite and elite athletes with acute and chronic pain who have been treated with a topical analgesic.

If you are a physician or healthcare provider interested in becoming a Study Investigator for any of our current or future studies, we would like to hear from you. Please complete our online Study Investigator Application or call our dedicated Healthcare Provider HelpDesk at